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Can the silicone ice tray come into contact with hot water?

    Silicone ice trays are usually used to make drinks or dishes. . The silicone raw material of the silicone ice tray must be food-grade silicone, which will not be harmful to the human body. Then we must first confirm whether the silicone ice tray has passed the safety certification, is odorless, is not easy to age, and can be directly contacted with food. This can be used with confidence. Eat at ease. Then the silicone ice tray can be scalded with water before use.
    Silicone ice trays belong to silicone kitchenware or daily necessities. They must be cleaned after use. Normal silicone ice trays will always leave a small amount of water stains after washing with water, while silicone ice trays have little effect and have little internal development space. , It is not easy to dry, and it is easy to breed bacteria, but the good quality silica gel ice tray has strong hydrophobicity, oil stains and stains are impossible, not to mention ordinary water stains, milk stains, etc. It is very convenient to clean. The flexibility of the silicone ice tray is also a very important economic factor for us. Silicone rubber ice trays have China's natural heat resistance, low temperature resistance, hot summer cold storage indoor ambient temperature and different outside temperatures are quite different, physical experiment temperature can be changed repeatedly, external market conditions are constantly changing, strong flexibility, chemical structure performance comparison Stability and other advantages have the advantages of greater risk, less prone to deformation, and a longer network life cycle.
    General industrial silicone products such as silicone gloves cannot be compared with the quality standards of silicone ice trays. When purchasing silicone ice trays, you should also pay attention to whether the overall product is smooth and hairless, whether the inner wall is smooth, and the bottom is round. These factors will affect our use of silicone The design of ice and good silica gel ice trays integrates human mechanics, etc., with fine production and convenient use.
    Analyze product raw materials
    Plastic ice lattice: From the analysis of product materials, plastic ice lattice is resistant to low temperature, thermal expansion, easy to burn, poor dimensional stability, and easy to deform; most plastics are resistant to low temperature, low temperature embrittlement, and easy to age.
    Silicone rubber ice net: Silicone rubber is resistant to high and low temperatures: the use temperature range is -40-230 degrees Celsius, and its service life is long; the chemical properties of silicone rubber are very stable, and the product has a longer service life than other materials, soft and comfortable; thanks to the silicone rubber material It is soft, highly elastic and does not deform.