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Silicone processing technology

1. Molded
By improving a social production and manufacturing process in which molds are pressed in a machine, this traditional process method is suitable for processing thermosetting materials. During the production development process, we need machine learning related to mold design to suppress. The closed cavity is heated and pressurized to form a product. Commonly used in ice boxes, etc.
2. Injection
This process requires high quality, using a combination of liquid silicone and plastic.
Its products exhibit good thermal stability, cold resistance, and excellent electrical insulation properties, and will not produce toxic substances when burned.
Therefore, there are irreplaceable materials in the production design of health care products, automotive products, baby products, medical products, diving products, kitchen utensils and seals.
3. Squeeze
The extrusion of silicone products is usually formed by a silicone extruder. Generally, the extruded silicone has a long or tubular shape and can be cut at will during use.
Silicone tubes are widely used in medical and mechanical equipment fields. It can also be used as a buffer in packaging materials.
Four. Calendering
After the silicone rubber is kneaded and mixed with white carbon black, silicone oil, etc., it is made into different mixed rubbers and then calendered into sheets.
The film produced by calendering has obvious differences in the physical and mechanical properties of the longitudinal and transverse directions, which is the calendering effect.
The rolling effect is related to the compound composition, rolling temperature, speed, speed ratio and other factors.
It is suitable for larger products, such as silicone tablets and silicone tablets.
Five. Coating
The platinum complex catalyst is non-toxic and tasteless, and has good air permeability, heat resistance and tensile strength (use temperature -60 ° c ~ 200 ° c). After rapid vulcanization, it has strong adhesion, good fluidity and easy defoaming.
It has excellent slip resistance, high tear resistance, high transparency, good tensile properties, abrasion resistance, washing resistance and high temperature resistance.
It is suitable for different fabrics and has the effect of improving anti-aging, such as silicone, gloves, rain boots, etc.